Most people think that being a musician is all about glamour. In reality however a career as a musician calls for persistence with the constant practicing of old musical pieces and the learning new ones. Musicians must be extremely dedicated and the field is highly competitive. Being a musician can involve any number of activities but most musicians specialize and have talent in a circumscribed area. Some musicians compose music but others play instruments either performing in live concerts or for the purpose of recordings but others sing also either in live performances or for recordings. Many times musicians must travel to appear in performances and if they are self-employed they must handle their own publicity and negotiate their fees. Their jobs can be stressful in part because income if often unpredictable. In fact many musicians hold jobs in related areas to support their music careers. However some are full-time members of an orchestra or singing group so they can devote all their time to rehearsing for upcoming performances. According to the website many musicians have had an interest in and passion for music and have taken private or group lessons from childhood although a few are self-taught. Some attend college or a music conservatory where they take courses in music theory composition interpretation and conducting. However college is not a set requirement. Whatever educational path musicians follow their careers require hours of practice on a daily basis. The website reports that earnings for musicians vary widely from approximately $25000 to well over $80000 with well-known musicians exceeding this high end.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $53471
High Salary: $82421
Low Salary: $24521
Tasks: Creates and performs music.
Specializes in a particular type of music.
Practices regularly.
Learns new pieces of music.
Also Called: Instrumentalist
Musical Performer
Musical Artist
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