Musical Director

Musical directors are in charge of vocal and instrumental musical ensembles that perform for shows and concerts. These ensembles can be choirs bands or orchestras. To accomplish their role musical directors have a number of tasks. Their main job is to conduct the musicians or vocalists who are members of the ensemble. However throughout the rehearsals the musical directors may need to make minor changes in the musical score and also make sure all the musicians are performing properly. Even before rehearsals can begin however the musical director often together with the vocal director and in some cases the theater director selects the specific pieces that will be performed and then becomes very familiar with every aspect of each piece. Then the musical director holds auditions to determine which individuals should be hired for the ensemble as well as what specific parts they should play. The music director teaches the pieces to the ensemble and in some cases modifies some parts of a score to fit the talents skills of the musicians that have been chosen. Musical directors need a bachelor’s degree in music. However a master’s degree in music conducting usually puts potential job seekers at an advantage. According to the website musical directors earn annual salaries that from approximately $21000 to $45000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $32715
High Salary: $45176
Low Salary: $20254
Tasks: Conducts Musicians
Makes sure musicians are prepared for performances.
Judges auditions.
Fills the role of a musical arranger on an as-needed basis.
Also Called: Choral Director
Musical Arranger
Musical Conductor
Musical Rehearsal Director
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