Music Teacher

The career of a music teacher can vary greatly. Music teachers can teach instrumental or vocal music and they can teach children or adults either individually or in groups. They can teach in schools colleges or music stores. Some music teachers travel to their pupil’s homes or give lessons in their own homes. Music teachers plan individual lessons for their students with an awareness of what materials will be appropriate for students who are at various stages in their musical development. In some cases the lessons must have a goal of getting students ready to take examinations take part in auditions or put on performances. In the case of children music teachers usually confer with parents as to progress and sometimes they arrange performance opportunities. The credentials music teachers need depends on where they teach. For example high school band teachers need a degree in education or music as well as a certificate or accreditation depending on the state or country in which they teach. Teaching in a community college may require a vocational certification but those that give private lessons have fewer requirements. Earnings for music teachers are difficult to predict. Some teach music in schools but give private lessons on the side. According to the website music teachers that offer guitar lessons in music stores have been known to earn up to $3500 a month which is more than many high school band teachers can earn. Music teachers who teach in their own homes in the evenings or travel around to give lessons can also have substantial earnings. However the amount music teachers earn depends on factors such as their popularity and the demand for lessons in their area of expertise.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $49000
High Salary: $53000
Low Salary: $45000
Tasks: Provides instrumental and vocal training to students.
Works with students of varying skill levels.
Plans music lessons.
Prepares students for musical performances.
Also Called: Traveling Musical Teacher
In-Home Music Teacher
Musical Instructor
Career Music Teacher
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