Becoming a professional instrumentalist or musician is competitive. There are many talented individuals who aspire to play their musical instrument or instruments of choice in front of audiences in exchange for an income. However there are not as many jobs available as there are instrumentalists and it is therefore difficult to break into this profession. A professional instrumentalist plays one or more instruments proficiently and they are typically experienced performing with their instrument in more than one musical genre. According to many instrumentalists accept jobs that are outside of their typical band member role. Some examples of jobs that instrumentalist may want include working as a musician in a small town becoming an instrument teacher giving lessons at a summer music camp and playing at special occasions such as weddings and other types of parties. Additionally instrumentalists are skilled at playing their instrument as solo artists as well as part of a performance group or band. The website states that there are several qualities that help define the success of an instrumentalist including a high level of education and experience in the field of music skill at playing one or more instruments an ability to read musical sheets and play from them and adaption to the way they pay their instrument depending on the specific style desired by the audience. In order to be successful in this career it’s essential to be a flexible person and be willing to perform in front of many types of groups. While there is no specific educational requirement for an instrumentalist they must be highly skilled at playing their instrument of choice which can only come with years of practice and training. The website lists the salary range for an instrumentalist between $24341 and $81612. The salary range is wide partly because instrumentalists and musicians often do not have steady full time work.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $52976.5
High Salary: $81612
Low Salary: $24341
Tasks: Plays one or more musical instruments proficiently.
Knows how to read music.
Earns a living playing musical instruments.
Enjoys performing in front of an audience.
Also Called: Musician
Band Member
Music Instructor
Musical Expert
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