Web Page Designer

Web page designers are often called “website designers” or “web developers.” The profession of designing website pages has come a long way over the past decade. What was initially a career reserved for only the most computer savvy individuals has become a career of choice for many people interested in graphic design marketing advertising writing and mass communication. Because the internet is currently used by a majority of the world’s population to find information conduct research buy products find services and for social interaction the design and look of a website has become more and more important. Web page designers focus their efforts on making websites look attractive and eye-catching and easy to navigate. Because of the constant advancement of technology’s capabilities web pages designers who are knowledgeable about evolving techniques and software code can keep themselves busy with clients who need frequent upgrades and changes to their websites. It is the job of a web page designer to work closely with their clients or their employer to discuss and determine the goals of a website to design a website that is user-friendly to fix any problems with their client(s) or employer’s website(s) and to update and upgrade their client’s website on a regular basis. The educational path to becoming a web page designer is not set in stone. Some web page designers are high school graduates who have self-taught coding and design skills. However some choose to obtain a classroom education through an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree program – with courses in graphic design computer languages and marketing. According to the website www.payscale.com web page designers can earn salaries between $29113 and $71637 per year. However salaries are partially dependent on whether or not the webpage designer is self-employed or works as an employee of a company.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $62500
High Salary: $90000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Writes code that translates into webpage designs.
Enhances the look and appearance of a website.
Make updates to websites as needed.
Designs web pages that are easy to read and simple to navigate.
Also Called: Website Designer
Webpage Developer
Internet Developer
Web Developer
Additional Resources: http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Web_Designer/Salary/by_Years_Experience