Radiation Therapy Technologist

When a physician prescribes radiation therapy for a patient who has been diagnosed with a tumor cancer or other disease that requires this type of treatment a radiation therapy technologist is the medical professional who administers the treatments. Radiation therapy technologists work in the radiation oncology department at hospitals and medical facilities and they work closely with oncologists and other physicians to help fulfill radiation treatments plans. Some of their daily responsibilities include documenting all treatments in patients’ charts communicating directly with patients and explaining procedures to them observing patients’ reactions to treatments and reporting any side-effects to physicians following strict safety procedures and using high-tech equipment to administer treatments and perform tests. According to the website www.bergen.edu radiation therapy technologists must continuously also adhere to the “Radiation Therapist Code of Ethics” which is published by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. This code of ethics insists that radiation therapy technologists remain respectful deliver top-quality care to patients act in the best interest of the patient at all times constantly continue their education related to radiation therapy and adhere to several other written standards. In order to become a radiation therapy technologist it’s essential to obtain a two-year technical certification which can be earned from a community college. And according to education-portal.com many states require that radiation therapy technologists be licensed which can be achieved by passing a board examination. Certification in this professional field can be earned from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The website www.ehow.com reports that radiation therapy technologists usually earn a salary between $40000 and $90000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $65000
High Salary: $90000
Low Salary: $40000
Tasks: Administers radiation therapy to patients.
Adheres to strict safety procedures.
Controls machinery that are used for radiation treatments.
Records medical and radiation treatment information into patients' charts.
Also Called: Oncology Administrator
Medical Dosimetrist
Oncology Technologist
Radiation Therapist
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