Primary Care Paramedic

They do not actually drive ambulances but primary care paramedics are usually on ambulances that arrive on the scene when there is an emergency. Primary care paramedics are highly trained professionals who can administer life saving procedures to people before they arrive at a hospital. Primary care paramedics function partly as doctors partly as nurses and partly as comforters to the patients involved. They administer not only basic first aid but also advanced life support to patients who are ill or injured and must be transported to the nearest hospital. They are responsible for making an immediate comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition to determine what type of medical intervention the patient needs. Some patients need cardiac monitoring while others require invasive airway intervention and still others need the immediate administration of medication. Primary care paramedics act in a leadership role to determine the best course of action in each situation. Primacy care paramedics respond to emergency calls from businesses homes doctors’ offices and nursing homes. However the website says that the work primary care paramedics perform is not always in response to emergencies. Some primary care paramedics work for ambulance services that are hired to transport patients from nursing homes to hospitals where they can get medical tests and assessments. Nowadays they may actually work in hospital settings in a role similar to that of nurses. According to the website primary care paramedics often start their careers by working as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) but they are more highly trained than EMTs are because they attend school for about the same amount of time as nurses do which takes approximately two years to complete. The website says that primary care paramedics start out earning approximately $30000 but they can earn as much as $74000 after working in the field for 20 years. Certification and license requirements vary by state.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $51634.5
High Salary: $74237
Low Salary: $29032
Tasks: Provides emergency medical care to sick or injured individuals.
Completes written documentation on patients' medical conditions.
Transports patients via an ambulance.
Administers medication, IVs, breathing tubes, and other invasive procedures.
Also Called: EMT
First Responder
Primary Care Responder
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