Pathologist Assistant

A pathologist’s assistant works in a laboratory setting. They work side-by-side with pathologists in processing specimens in order to diagnose patient with specific diseases or to write autopsy reports. The assistant performs many similar duties of a pathologist but stops short of providing an actual diagnosis which is up to the pathologist. Without the help of an assistant a pathologist would not be able to effectively process and effectively prepare the many specimens that are in need of evaluation on a daily basis. According to most pathologist’s assistants earn bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees before beginning their career. Some become pathologist’s assistants after obtaining work experience in a laboratory setting or as autopsy assistants or medical technologists. Some of the typical daily duties of a pathologist’s assistant include preparing samples for testing tissue banking taking pictures of tissue specimens helping or training newer pathologist’s assistants or teaching courses on pathology to students. Additionally some pathologist’s assistants are required to perform administrative duties such as keeping track of laboratory supplies ordering supplies when needed supervising other laboratory personnel and entering information into a computer database. Typical employers of pathologist’s assistants include hospitals laboratories or governmental medical examiner’s offices. However some are self-employed and work on an as-needed basis. The website states that the median yearly salary for pathologist’s assistants is $72128.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $72128
High Salary: $82128
Low Salary: $62128
Tasks: Prepares specimens for examination.
Provides anatomic pathology services.
Works under the direction of a pathologist.
Completes work leading up to a diagnosis.
Also Called: Allied Health Professional
Medical Examiner
Pathology Technologist
Pathology Laboratory Assistant
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