Nurse Aide

A nurse aide is often called an “attendant” or an “orderly”. They are responsible for many of the non-medical-related tasks that must be completed on the behalf of patients such as feeding dressing moving and grooming. They often work with patients in a hands-on capacity because they are usually responsible for helping them walk or exercise and they sometimes prepare them for surgery. Some of the other duties of a nurse aide are clerical. For example they are responsible for answering phones directing visitors to the appropriate rooms scheduling appointments and keeping track of information by recording it in patients’ charts. A nurse aide works under the direct supervision of a higher level nurse or other members of the medical staff. They are often asked to help prepare or clean medical equipment re-stock medical supplies and sometimes help with minor medical procedures. Many nurse aides work in large medical facilities such as hospitals nursing homes or convalescent homes. However other nurse aides work in private homes and help individuals who are either elderly or disabled. Those who work in private homes are usually called “home health aides”. To begin a career as a nurse aide the first step is to obtain a high school diploma. After that is achieved it is necessary to enroll and graduate from a nursing assisting educational program and obtain a nursing assisting certificate. Certification is administered by the government and consists of a test and a minimum of 75 hours of training. The website lists the average salary for a nurse aide between $18675 and $26668 per year. The exact salary depends on the employer and the skill level of the aide.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $22671.5
High Salary: $26668
Low Salary: $18675
Tasks: Provides basic nursing care to patients.
Administers medications.
Bathes and grooms patients.
Transports patients from one room to another.
Also Called: Certified Nursing Assistant
Nurse's Assistant
Nurse Attendant
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