Military Physician Assistant

A physician’s assistant is a medical professional who helps doctors with duties related to the care and examination of patients. They help to diagnose common illnesses and they coordinate medical treatment plans for patients on behalf of medical doctors. A military physician’s assistant completes the same duties as a non-military physician’s assistant but they are a member of the military and according to they work on military bases in military hospitals or in military medical facilities. They are often required to travel to military bases located abroad or be stationed on military ships. Some of the specific duties of a military physician’s assistant include obtaining medical information from patients and recording it in the patients’ charts conducting basic physical examinations of their patients giving advice to patients who ask questions about health-related issues or treatments for specific illnesses and stepping in as a the main caretaker for patients during emergency situations when a doctor is not available. According to physician’s assistants are considered officers in the military. The website states that aspiring military physician’s assistants must complete a bachelor’s degree prior to entering a physician’s assistant program. The physician’s assistant program usually lasts two years which includes clinical experience. The military often provides scholarships for the physician’s assistant training programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average yearly salary for a physician’s assistant is $77800. However a military physician’s assistant can earn more or less depending on the number of years they have been in the military and their specific job level.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $77800
High Salary: $87800
Low Salary: $67800
Tasks: Assists military doctors.
Diagnoses illnesses.
Conducts patient examinations.
Takes patients' medical histories.
Also Called: Military Health Care Assistant
Military Medical Assistant
Army Medical Assistant
Military Medical Specialist
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