Educational Audiologist

An audiologist is a professional who examines people with hearing loss or hearing-related issues diagnoses why hearing problems exist and provides assistance in the form of hearing aids or other rehabilitation or therapy methods so that some or all hearing can be restored. An educational audiologist is a specialist who works specifically with school-aged children to help them meet their education goals and potential. While many audiologists work in research settings educational audiologists work hands-on with children in need of audiology services in so that they can succeed in their schooling. Some of the specific tasks that an educational audiologist may perform are administering hearing tests to all students in a school – whether or not the children are suspected of having any type of hearing loss and working directly with children who have known hearing loss – helping them to cope with their hearing challenges in a classroom. Educational audiologists often work together with a student’s assigned teacher and the student’s parents or caretakers on a treatment plan. Some children need a strong support system to help them deal with their hearing loss and education audiologist often provides moral support and adjustment recommendations. An educational audiologist must obtain a minimum of a master’s degree in audiology and many states require that audiologists earn a doctoral degree. Additionally most states within the United States require that educational audiologists be licensed and credentialed which entails passing an exam. According to at least nine months of clinical experience is also required. states that the median yearly salary for an educational audiologist is between $60429 and $73862.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $67145.5
High Salary: $73862
Low Salary: $60429
Tasks: Works with hearing-impaired school children.
Helps hearing-impaired children adjust to the classroom.
Conducts hearing tests on students.
Works with teachers on learning plans for hearing-impaired children.
Also Called: Audiologist
Hearing Disorder Specialist
Hearing Specialist
Pediatric Audiologist
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