Cardiology Technologist

Do you have a sincere interest in the medical field? Have you always been interested in the area of cardiology? Have you been resistant to the thought of spending years and years in medical school to become a physician? Cardiology technicians spend their career assisting cardiologists and surgeons with operating room procedures as well as testing and helping to determine the specific cardiac problems that exist within patients.

Some of the procedures that a cardiology technologist may administer include those that are considered both invasive and non-invasive. An example of an invasive procedure involves the insertion of a catheter into a patients body to evaluate where vascular blockages exist. And an example of a non-invasive procedure is the testing of a patients heartbeat using an electrocardiogram machine.

A cardio technologist does not perform surgery nor do they perform the work of a medical doctor but their presence in the operating room is just as important as the doctors. Additionally cardiology technologists are trained to prepare patients for surgery analyze the results of various cardiology tests that are performed on patients and provide post-operative care to patients.

A typical work week for a cardiology technologist is 40 hours on a regular schedule but there is often a need for them to be on-call during night and weekend hours. Graduation from an accredited cardiologist technology program is required for this profession and programs are available at schools across the world. Certification can be obtained from the school where the diploma is earned.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the availability for jobs in this field will remain high until at least 2014 and the median annual income is approximately $39000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $97000
High Salary: $49000
Low Salary: $29000
Tasks: Assists cardiologists and surgeons with operating room procedures.
Tests patients to determine specific problems.
Prepares patients for surgery.
Analyzes results of cardiology tests.
Also Called: Cardiology Assistant
Nurse Assistant
Cardiac Technologist
Vascular Technologist
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