Cardiac Stress Technologist

A Cardiac Stress Technologist works with patients who have heart and vascular medical problems or disorders. Cardiac stress technologists work directly with cardiac physicians to help diagnose and treat their patients' cardiac ailments.

Some types of cardiac stress tests that a technologist administers include those that measure how a patient's heart responds to various types of stress. Tests are performed in a medical setting and involve the induction of drugs andor exercise. Results are evaluated through the use of electrocardiograms and ultrasounds which can help determine what type of problem may exist or to rule out specific disorders.

Technologists are responsible for recording their patients' medical histories in charts and listening to their patients' blood flow using various medical instruments. The tests that cardiac stress technologists perform on patients are normally considered noninvasive.

A non-invasive procedure can be described as a test that does not require any type of instrument to be placed into or under a patient's skin. In order to become a certified cardiac stress technologist a two-year degree is required. However there are programs that offer four-year degrees as well. It is not required that cardiac stress technologists receive credentials but it is recommended.

Credentialing is available through two associations the CCI and the ARDMS – – which stand for "Cardiovascular Credentialing International" and the "American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers" respectively. Most of the jobs in this field are through hospitals but some are available at non-hospital medical facilities.

According to the average salary for a cardiac stress technologist is approximately $36000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $36000
High Salary: $46000
Low Salary: $26000
Tasks: Helps diagnose and treat patients
Administers cardiovascular stress tests.
Works directly with cardiac doctors and surgeons.
Reads results of stress tests and records the information in patients' charts.
Also Called: Sonographer
Cardiac Technologist
Medical Technologist
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