Advanced Care Paramedic

A paramedic is a medical professional who works as part of an emergency medical services team in a given area. Paramedics normally provide the most advanced level of emergency medical care available to the general public outside of a hospital setting. Their primary role of a paramedic is to provide pre-hospital advanced medical and trauma care.

In the United States there are four levels of paramedics and each state requires its own certifications. In order for a paramedic to become certified particular examinations must be passed courses must be taken and on-the-job training must be completed. In an emergency situation paramedics must assess the extent of injuries or illness of trauma victims.  Get educated and become a Paramedic.

After the initial assessment is completed the next tasks are to determine emergency medical treatment administer pre-hospital emergency care administer medications provide advanced emergency treatments to patients transport patients to hospitals or other medical facilities for further medical care and document and record the nature of injuries or illness and treatment provided.

A paramedics work is physically strenuous and mentally stressful because it involves saving people in life-or-death situations. The job is challenging because quick and important decisions must be made. A true desire to help other people is also necessary to succeed in this profession. Most paramedic jobs are with hospitals and with private ambulance services. Paramedics work between 45 and 60 hours a week and the annual salary can range from $14660 to more than $37760.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $26210
High Salary: $37760
Low Salary: $14660
Tasks: Provides pre-hospital emergency medical services.
Assesses extent of injuries and make medical recommendations.
Administers medicine and transports patients to medical facilities.
Documents trauma and medical treatment.
Also Called: Paramedic
Medical Professional
Ambulance Driver
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