Toxicologists are individuals who have a strong interest in environmental health and pollution in the air water and soil and have the ability and patience to acquire the necessary training. Toxicologists conduct research both in laboratories and in the field to detect the presence and level of poisonous substances. Toxicologists are employed in a variety of settings. For example they work in hospitals or for pharmaceutical companies or even for companies that manufacture cosmetics. They also work for the government in areas such as radiation control and air pollution. Toxicologists conduct research on the potentially toxic effect of various chemicals and they write risk analysis reports involving these substances. Forensic toxicologists usually present evidence in court as to the toxicity levels of various materials. Toxicologists must complete a bachelor’s degree with courses in subjects such as chemistry biology and mathematics. However most toxicologists earn master’s degrees in toxicology. Those that plan to conduct research andor teach at colleges and universities will need to earn a PhD degree. Toxicologists often specialize in a particular area such as clinical toxicology pharmaceutical toxicology forensic toxicology veterinary toxicology or environmental health. The website says that salaries for toxicologists can considerably depending on geographic location employer and years of experience. Entry-level jobs pay between $35000 and $85000 a year. However with 20 years of experience toxicologists can earn between $70000 and $133000 a year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $84000
High Salary: $133000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Analyzes the presence of toxic substances.
Identifies harmful substances.
Writes reports related to toxicology levels.
Determines the risk of toxins in a specific environment.
Also Called: Forensic Toxicologist
Industrial Toxicologist
Clinical Toxicologist
Occupational Toxicologist
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