Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons are medical doctors who perform surgery to repair or reconstruct various parts of the body. They perform necessary surgery and elective surgery that is commonly known as “cosmetic surgery”. Plastic surgeons are well known for providing cosmetic surgical services for the rich and famous but they also perform surgery on people who desire to have one or more parts of their bodies altered either because they were injured and have disfigurements or they are simply not happy with their current bodily features. Plastic surgeons spend a significant amount of time preparing for their profession. First they must earn a bachelor’s degree including pre-medical courses. Then they attend four years of an accredited medical school followed by five to seven years of residency. This medical specialty calls for extensive training and the mastering of procedures ranging from those that are relatively simple to more extensive and complicated surgery. Because plastic surgeons perform several procedures on the face and other areas that are visible they must be exact and there is little room for error. Many people who have been in accidents or have sustained serious burns can benefit from plastic surgery to reconstruct body parts that have been damaged. However some people turn to plastic surgery so to reduce their body weight or to reduce the signs of aging. Plastic surgeons are one of the highest paid specialists in the medical industry. According to the website salaries for plastic surgeons depend on years of experience location specialty and type of facility in which they work. The median annual salary is approximately $287000 but some plastic surgeons earn well over $800000 a year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $543500
High Salary: $800000
Low Salary: $287000
Tasks: Completes surgery to re-shape patients' features.
Specializes in reconstructive surgery.
Helps to replace body parts lost in accidents.
Attempts to eliminate scars due to illness or injury.
Also Called: Cosmetic Surgeon
Reconstructive Surgeon
Medical Doctor
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