Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy assistants perform various tasks within a pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist or pharmacy supervisor. They receive prescriptions from patients input insurance information into a computer system and check to see if prescriptions are ready for customers picking up their medication. They also type and print out prescription labels with information such as the patient's name physician's name the exact description of the medication and dosage instructions. Pharmacy assistant are often asked to count out the pills to fill a prescription. In addition they are often responsible for unloading new stocks of supplies and medications and placing it on shelves after tagging and pricing it accurately. Medications often must be rotated so that the newest supplies are placed behind the older supplies and pharmacy assistants are often responsible for completing this job. They also help pharmacists take inventory by counting drugs and various pharmacy supplies such as empty medication bottles and measuring cups. They answer the telephone and give general information and they route calls the person that can answer more specific questions. Pharmacy assistants must be familiar with issues related to Medicare and medical insurance. Pharmacy assistants work in hospital pharmacies and retail pharmacies and they spend much of their time standing. The website says that aspiring pharmacy assistants must have clerical experience. In addition they need technical expertise because they will have to use computer software computer keyboards calculators and copiers. In addition it is essential that they be able to listen carefully and to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing. According to the website the annual earnings for pharmacy assistants range from approximately $17950 to $30782.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $24366
High Salary: $30782
Low Salary: $17950
Tasks: Enters new prescriptions into a computer database.
Re-stocks pharmacy shelves.
Answers pharmacy telephone and returns pharmacy calls.
Serves as a pharmacy cashier.
Also Called: Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Cashier
Pharmacist's Assistant
Pharmacy Aide
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