Pediatricians are medical doctors or doctors of osteopathic medicine. They typically treat patients ranging in age from one day old to teenagers. They are skilled at dealing with children who are both healthy and sick. They treat and prescribe medication for common illnesses and they give advice on how to deal with viruses such as the flu. Additionally they provide healthy examinations to babies and young adults and provide immunizations. According to pediatricians are tasked with tracking the growth of their patients and monitoring any abnormal patterns or ailments. Those in general practices normally work in a medical office and see patients on a scheduled basis. They also refer patients with serious medical conditions to pediatric specialists in other offices medical facilities or hospitals. Pediatricians sometimes work as solo practitioners but others are part of a small or large group of other pediatricians who share a medical practice. Working hours can sometimes be long especially for younger pediatricians. Most pediatricians form an “on call” partnership with other pediatricians in which they share “on call” hours during the nighttime and weekend hours on a rotating basis. To become a pediatrician an undergraduate degree must be obtained as well as a degree from a medical school. Following medical school a residency andor internship lasting anywhere from three to eight years must be completed. Pediatricians must be licensed within the state where they work. The website states that the median salary for a pediatrician is $142585 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $142585
High Salary: $152585
Low Salary: $132585
Tasks: Provides medical care to babies and children.
Treats day-to-day illnesses.
Performs physical exams on patients.
Counsels parents on how to take care of their children
Also Called: Medical Doctor
Pediatric Doctor
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