Orthotic Tech

Orthotic technicians sometimes called “prosthetic technicians” or “medical appliance technicians” are skilled at making and repairing all types of orthotic and prosthetic pieces. They create such pieces from scratch they perform maintenance on them and they repair them if they become broken. Orthotic appliances are typically used as artificial limbs and as devices that help individuals in need of rehabilitative support so it’s essential that their orthotic pieces fit and work properly. Orthotic technicians do not usually work hands-on with clients. Instead they typically work in workshops where they create devices according to the prescriptions written by doctors. In order to fabricate such appliances orthotic technicians must be able to use various types of tools and machines which help to cut bend mold and affix different pieces together to create the desired product. The most typical employers of orthotic technicians include hospitals rehabilitation centers private companies that manufacture braces and limbs or for government agencies such as the Veterans Administration. Aspiring orthotic technicians need a high school diploma or the equivalent. After that the website httppagerankstudio.com says they can either enter a two-year educational program that is essentially a form of on-the-job-training or they can enroll in a more formal classroom orthotic technician program which requires classes in anatomy physiology materials and orthotic devices. Those with more formal training have an advantage when seeking jobs. With additional education usually a four-year degree in orthotics or a further one-year certificate program orthotic technicians can become certified. Prospects for this career are positive and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary orthotic technicians earn is approximately $29000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $29000
High Salary: $33500
Low Salary: $24500
Tasks: Constructs orthotic and prosthetic devices.
Ensures that prosthetic appliances look as life-like as possible.
Verifies that prosthetic pieces work as well as possible.
Teaches clients how to use their orthotic appliances.
Also Called: Prosthetic Technician
Medical Appliance Technician
Orthotic Fabricator
Orthotic Assistant
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