Optometrists also called “doctors of optometry” or “ODs” examine people’s eyes and help them with problems related to their vision. The website www.buzzle.com says that optometrists prescribe glasses or contact lenses to correct vision or they prescribe medicine if it is needed to treat visual problems. They check for difficulties with depth perception and they also check patients’ eyes for any sign of injury or disease. They are trained to detect whether eye problems are a sign of other health issues that need treatment by a medical specialist. Optometrists often provide care to patients before and after eye surgery. Aspiring optometrists must first complete a bachelor’s degree with courses in biology chemistry and physics. Then they must apply to one of the 19 accredited schools of optometry in the United States in order to earn a Doctor of Optometry degree. Acceptance into such a program is competitive. In some cases graduates of optometry programs take additional courses or do residencies so they can specialize in fields such as neurophysiology or physiological optics. Optometrists must earn a license by passing the National Board examination and a clinical exam administered at the national regional or state level. They must renew their licenses approximately every three years. Optometrists must have patience and be capable of detailed work. According to the website www.bls.gov the employment outlook for optometrists is positive because the demand for their services will continue to increase. The median annual wages for all optometrists are approximately $97000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $97000
High Salary: $107000
Low Salary: $87000
Tasks: Treats medical problems related to vision.
Prescribes glasses or contact lenses.
Checks eyes for diseases or injuries.
Provides antibiotic prescriptions to patients in need of medications.
Also Called: Doctor of Optometry
Eye Doctor
Vision Care Doctor
Additional Resources: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/optometrist-job-description.html