Neurologists are medical doctors with expertise in the nervous system including the brain spinal cord and peripheral nerves throughout the body. In their practice they diagnose and treat patients who have neurological disorders and many neurologists conduct research on patients with neurological problems including paralysis cerebral palsy traumatic brain injury epilepsy sleep disorders brain tumors and headaches. They usually obtain their patients through referrals from general practitioners. Neurologists must complete many years of demanding educational training. Upon receiving a bachelor’s degree including courses in physics biology chemistry and mathematics they must complete four years at an accredited medical school after which they serve in a medical residency that can take up to eight years. In addition they must pass a national exam and then apply for licensure in the state where they will practice. Newly-trained neurologists usually work as salaried employees of group medical practices clinics hospitals or health networks. The work week for practicing neurologists is sometimes quite long. Some work up to 60 hours per week or more. Some neurologists choose to enter the field of clinical research instead of becoming practicing physicians. Neurological researchers are known for their studies of disorders such as Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and also various types of brain injuries or diseases. According to most neurologists receive a salary of approximately $200000 per year for their work. However many earn significantly higher salaries if they specialize in a particular disorder or medical technique.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $197500
High Salary: $220000
Low Salary: $175000
Tasks: Treats disorders of the nervous system.
Diagnoses neurological problems.
Prescribes medications or treatments.
Conducts clinical research.
Also Called: Physician
Neurological Surgeon
Nervous System Physician
Neurological Medical Doctor
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