Medical Doctor

Doctors are medical professionals who are often called “MDs” that watch over the health of their patients. They do check-ups and they evaluate symptoms and order tests if a patient has a health problem. They prescribe medication or other treatment when appropriate. They are responsible for keeping notes and records on each patient so that any medical professional will be able to see the patient’s medical history. Also such records are important when new medication is prescribed in case of any potential interaction with medication a patient may already be taking. In addition to treating illnesses doctors must do whatever they can to advise patients on how to prevent illness. They must be able to explain complicated health conditions to their patients and at times their jobs require them to deliver bad health news. Doctors work in clinics hospitals or in private practice. Most of them work long hours and there is pressure to make accurate diagnoses and well-informed treatment decisions. Aspiring doctors follow a lengthy and expensive course of training. First they must earn a bachelor’s degree with required pre-medical courses such as biology chemistry physics and mathematics. Then they must attend an accredited medical school for four years after which they spend at least three more years first serving an internship and then a residency. Their education never ends because they must constantly keep up with new medical developments. Doctors can specialize in a number of fields such as internal medicine or surgery or they may focus on a specific part of the body. Doctors’ earnings depend on where they work as well as the nature of their educational background and their specialty. The website reports that the annual salary for doctors ranges between approximately $137000 and $148000.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $182013
High Salary: $245729
Low Salary: $118297
Tasks: Evaluates medical symptoms.
Provides diagnoses for illnesses and diseases.
Keeps track of medical records by writing in charts.
Administers treatment plans.
Also Called: Medical Doctor
Medical Professional
Primary Care Physician
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