Homeopaths also called healers are individuals that use alternative methods and a holistic approach when diagnosing andor treating patients’ illnesses and health conditions. They take the patient’s medical history noting all symptoms before suggesting a treatment plan that uses natural holistic methods to stimulate the patient’s own defenses. Among the alternative healing techniques they prescribe or actually perform are acupuncture reiki and herb therapy. According to the website httpcareers.stateuniversity.com many homeopaths are general practitioners who take into account the mental emotional and physical aspects of the person in attempting to make a diagnosis and suggest treatment. Homeopaths are prohibited from calling themselves “homeopathic doctors” unless they have a medical license. Those with a medical license can prescribe medicines but they tend to focus more on natural healing. Homeopaths that do not have medical licenses can only perform such holistic healing techniques as acupuncture or herb therapy. There are no set requirements for becoming a homeopath although most have some medical background. There are homeopathy training courses and programs that make it possible for homeopaths to keep up with research on new healing techniques. According to the website www.medical-career-training.com homeopaths usually work in natural health clinics but some have private practices with their own offices which are designed with an eye to providing a stress-free and comfortable environment. The website www.careers-guide.com says that it is important for homeopaths to develop rapport and communicate with their patients. They must be scientifically based and able to recognize when a patient has a problem that may call for a qualified physician or specialist. Job prospects are good because this is a growing field. Earnings depend on location and years of experience but the median annual salary for homeopaths is approximately $72000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $76318.5
High Salary: $99098
Low Salary: $53539
Tasks: Bases their philosophy on alternative medicine.
Uses natural and holistic types of practices.
Attempts to stimulate the body
Matches symptoms to the appropriate remedy.
Also Called: Holistic Healer
Alternative Medicine Healer
Holistic Practitioner
Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/7829/Homeopath.html