A gynecologist is a medical doctor who specializes in women’s health issues. Some gynecologists specialize in the detection and treatment of cancers and other diseases that exist in female reproductive organs and other gynecologists assist women who are planning to become pregnant who are pregnant or who have just given birth. Typically doctors who work with pregnancy-related issues are called “obstetricians” instead of gynecologists or they are sometimes called “OBGYNs.” In addition to treating women for gynecological issues many gynecologists also serve as their patients’ primary care physicians. Some of the typical duties of a gynecologist are examining women’s bodies and taking cell and tissue samples to test for cancer or other diseases. They are responsible for analyzing test results and determining treatment for illnesses diseases and cancers. They often perform minor surgeries in their regular office and major surgeries in a hospital setting. In order to become a gynecologist it’s mandatory to graduate from college and then attend medical school. After medical school a four-year residency must be completed. According to many gynecologists choose to obtain certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (“ABOG”). The salary for a gynecologist is based on several factors. The most influential factor is whether or not the gynecologist specializes in obstetrics-related issues. If so the salary level can be significantly higher. For gynecologists who do not deliver babies the median salary according to is $220696 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $258500
High Salary: $358000
Low Salary: $159000
Tasks: Promotes, treats and maintains women's health.
Focuses on cancers that affect women.
Concentrates on treating problems of women's reproductive systems.
Educates female patients on how to stay healthy.
Also Called: Obstetrician
Medical Doctor
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