Cardiovascular Surgeon

Cardiovascular surgeons are medial doctors who specialize in performing operations on hearts lungs and blood vessels. Normally a cardiovascular-related medical problem is detected by primary care physician and then the patient is referred to a cardiologist andor a cardiovascular surgeon for additional treatment andor surgery.

Some of the most typical surgical procedures that a cardiovascular surgeon performs include but are not limited to replacement or repair of heart valves bypass surgery repair to defective hearts and heart transplants. The patients under the care of this type of surgeon range from newborn babies all the way to the elderly.

Additionally many cardiovascular surgeons conduct or lead research studies to try and develop new techniques for dealing with and treating heart-related diseases or defects. After completing an undergraduate degree cardiovascular surgeons must attend medical school and then complete a minimum of seven years of training. Additionally cardiovascular surgeons must be board certified in order to practice in this field.

The required board certification comes from the American Board of Medical Specialists in surgery. Most cardiovascular surgeons are affiliated with a specific hospital group of hospitals or medical group and many own or co-own private medical practices in which patients can schedule appointments for on-going care.

Based on a survey by cardiovascular surgeons earn an average of about $558000 per year.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $102850
High Salary: $658000
Low Salary: $458000
Tasks: Performs operations on hearts, lungs, and blood vessels.
Repairs heart valves.
Performs heart transplant surgery.
Conducts cardiovascular research studies.
Also Called: Cardiologist
Medical Doctor
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