A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in helping patients with diseases or disorders of their hearts or vascular systems. The goal of a cardiologist is to identify heart or vascular problems and determine the best course of action for treatment.

There are various types of cardiologists – – all with varying specialties. For example some cardiologists do not perform surgery but work in a medical office and evaluate patients who are experiencing blood circulation problems. Their job is to help identify the problem and work to manage the issue(s) without the need for surgery. They focus on therapy the use of medications and a prescription of specific diets to help their patients.

Other cardiologists specialize in a course of action called cardiac catheterization which is a procedure that is used to help determine where a blockage may exist. Other cardiologists sometimes called Interventional Cardiologists specialize in procedures such as angioplasty or the insertion of stints in arteries.

To become a cardiologist it takes many many years of schooling and training. The first step is to achieve an undergraduate degree with an emphasis in biology or another pre-med subject. Then a degree must be earned from an accredited medical school. Once medical school is complete a residency must be completed. Finally a cardiology fellowship must be completed which can take up to five years.

Board exams must also be passed. Because of the extensive training that must be achieved plus the extreme responsibility that goes along with performing delicate surgery on patients hearts. reports that the average salary for a cardiologist is close to $300000 per year. However the salary can be significantly higher for a cardiologist who is world-renown for performing a specific surgical procedure and for those who have extensive experience.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $400000
High Salary: $500000
Low Salary: $300000
Tasks: Helps patients with diseases or disorders of the heart or vascular system.
Determines the best course of action for treatment.
Attempts to fix medical problems without surgery.
Performs complex and risky surgical procedures.
Also Called: Physician
Heart Doctor
Medical Doctor
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