Autopsy Technician

Autopsy technicians assist pathologists or medical examiners with examinations of deceased persons often to determine the cause of death. When a death is suspicious an autopsy can yield information about any crime that was committed.

Autopsy technicians perform tasks such as preparing the dead body for examination assisting with the actual autopsy procedures keeping records as the autopsy progresses and collecting specimens from the autopsy and delivering them to a laboratory for further testing. Autopsy technicians are also in charge of insuring that the equipment and tools used to perform autopsies are in good condition.

In addition an autopsy technician might be assigned to release a body to a funeral home or contact the appropriate authorities if the family of the deceased gives has given permission for organ donation. Autopsy technicians work for morgues hospitals funeral homes or law enforcement agencies.

For an entry level job in this profession individuals usually need a bachelors degree with a major in biology or some other science. Some people satisfy degree requirements online and apply for a job as an autopsy assistant. According to there are numerous job opportunities for autopsy technicians and the average annual salary is $40000. However with greater experience and responsibility there is a chance for a higher income and some autopsy technicians branch out into careers such as pathologist or hospital administrator.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $47519
High Salary: $54000
Low Salary: $41038
Tasks: Examines deceased persons to determine the cause of death.
Prepares a dead body for an examination, and assists with the exam.
Works for a number of different institutions, such as morgues, hospitals, funeral homes, or law enforcement agencies.
Ensures that the instruments that are used during an autopsy are in good condition.
Also Called: Pathologist
Medical Examiner Assistant
Forensic Autopsy Technician
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