Patient Registrar

Patient registrars are non-clinical health information technicians who perform a variety of duties related to obtaining all the necessary information from patients when they are admitted to the hospital or when they make an initial visit to a clinic. Often this is done in person but they may collect some information on the telephone prior to the patient’s admission date. According to the website when patient registrars interview each person who is admitted to the hospital they must obtain and accurately record all personal and medical information about the patient which will become part of the patient’s medical record. They also verify information about the patient’s health insurance and in some cases they collect payments from patients and provide receipts. It is very important that patient registrars maintain the confidentiality of all patients and comply with HIPAA guidelines. The website says that this job calls for a high school diploma or the equivalent as well as several years of experience working in a related area. Some knowledge of medical terminology familiarity with various types of insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid and excellent communication and customer service skills are also essential for this job. Patient registrars must have a professional appearance and they must work well on a team. Patient registrars need excellent organizational they must pay careful attention to detail and they must be able to work on a computer. Patient registrars work on shifts and they may be expected to work some weekends holidays and nights. According to the website those who work in hospitals earn an average annual salary of approximately $34000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $34000
High Salary: $36000
Low Salary: $32000
Tasks: Collects personal and medical information from patients.
Initiates medical records.
Enters data into a computer database.
Verifies health insurance information.
Also Called: Health Information Technician
Admitting Clerk
Patient Registrar
Patient Interviewer
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