Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for converting verbal notes that are recorded by physicians and other medical professionals into typed documents. This profession is essential to the medical industry. All medical procedures and notes about patients’ medical care and treatment plans must be included in the patients’ permanent medical records. Medical transcriptionists work on transcribing reports related to surgeries autopsy medical histories and medical test results. They also often transcribe discharge reports and referral letters when patients are being transferred from one doctor to another for treatment or diagnosis. While some doctors in small medical offices do not a have a need for medical transcriptionists doctors who work in hospitals andor large medical facilities who see many patients on a daily basis need the help of medical transcriptionists to ensure that all of their verbal notes are well documented. The website states that medical transcriptionists must be highly knowledgeable of complex medical terminology and treatment processes because physicians who record information often speak quickly into their recording devices. Because of the highly develop typing listening and grammar skills necessary for medical transcriptionists to possess an associate’s degree or a certificate in medical transcription is often a requirement for employment. While many medical transcriptionists work for specific employers hospitals physician’s offices medical laboratories or various types of medical facilities some work as independent contractors and complete medical transcription from their home-based offices. According to medical transcriptionists can expect to earn a yearly salary between $25430 and $45731.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $26330
High Salary: $29510
Low Salary: $23150
Tasks: Documents medical procedures.
Has a high level grasp of medical terminology.
Converts voice-recorded information into typed text.
Types with close to 100 percent accuracy.
Also Called: Transcriptionist
Word Processor
Medical Document Transcriptionist
Dictation Specialist
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