Medical Office Administrator

Medical office administrators who are sometimes referred to as “medical office managers” serve numerous functions all with the goal of ensuring that a physician’s medical practice will run smoothly and efficiently. According to the website medical administrators are responsible for overseeing the daily routines carried out in the office including the scheduling of patients. In addition they are in charge of the fiscal aspects of running a medical office such as maintaining petty cash ordering office supplies when they are needed knowing how to bill insurance companies making sure patients pay their insurance deductibles and balancing all financial data at the end of each day. If there are problems with the computer software used by the office staff the medical office administrator initiates the appropriate contact to these problems resolved. In larger offices they may be in charge of numerous office personnel carrying out duties such as evaluating employees interviewing job applicants when new employees are needed and terminating office employees whose performance is substandard. According to the website medical office administrators usually have an associate’s degree in medical office administration but some have a one-year certificate in medical office administration. However those hired to administer larger medical practices often have bachelor’s or even master’s degrees with some background in health sciences and business. Medical office administrators earn average salaries ranging from approximately $40000 to $50000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $90970
High Salary: $95970
Low Salary: $85970
Tasks: Runs the daily operations of a medical office.
Works on budgets and financial information for the office.
Helps to hire, promote and fire employees.
Orders and purchases needed office items.
Also Called: Medical Office Manager
Medical Records Manager
Health Service Manager
Doctor's Office Administrator
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