Medical Illustrator

Medical illustrators are artists who carry out their work in the medical field. The website says that most of their work entails creating detailed illustrations for textbooks magazines manuals and journals to be used by medical students and physicians. In some cases they create illustrations of what a diseased versus a healthy body part would look like. Medical illustrators may also help to put together exhibits for court cases involving disease- or injury-related issues. According to the website medical illustrators are employed by universities hospitals pharmaceutical companies and commercial art studios. However some work on a freelance basis and are paid when they complete projects. In general salaried medical illustrators work 40 hours a week but they may have to work additional hours to meet publishing deadlines. Freelance medical illustrators do not work a specific number of hours but they must work as many hours as needed to complete project deadlines. Most of the work of medical illustrators is done in art studios or offices but projects that require them to illustrate the steps of an operation mean that they must do their work in actual surgical settings. For most jobs medical illustrators need bachelor’s degrees with training in both biological sciences and art. Some earn master’s degrees in medical illustration but according to the website there are only a handful of programs in the United States offer this course of study. Applicants for medical illustrator jobs should have a portfolio of their work to show potential employers. The website says the median annual salary for medical illustrators is $59000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $59000
High Salary: $68000
Low Salary: $50000
Tasks: Creates detailed medical drawings for various publications.
Draws medical models of the anatomy.
Builds three-dimensional medical sculptures.
Has detailed knowledge of human and animal anatomies.
Also Called: Scientific Illustrator
Biological Illustrator
Medical Artist
Medical Sculptor
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