Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is a rapidly growing business-related aspect of the health care industry. Medical billing and coding professionals are responsible for assigning codes to various medical diagnoses treatments and procedures and then entering this information into a computer which then generates an invoice. The invoice is used for the purpose of submitting bills to insurance companies to obtain reimbursement for physicians or other health care worker as well as sending statements to patients for the amounts due. Medical billing and coding professionals must be alert to any type of insurance fraud and they are also in charge of collections when uninsured medical bills remain unpaid but they are expected to maintain the confidentiality of all records. Aspiring medical billing and coding professionals must be knowledgeable about medical terminology and associated codes which they learn through training programs offered by community colleges allied health and vocational schools. Some programs are offered on line. If attended full time training programs take approximately nine months after which individuals that successfully complete the can become certified. In this profession there is very little face-to-face contract with people during the work day as most communication is on the telephone or computer. Individuals must be highly organized self-disciplined attentive to detail and willing to deal with large amounts of paper work. Medical billing and coding professionals must keep aware of changes in the field because codes change on an annual basis. Medical billing and coding professionals work in hospitals clinics or doctors' offices and some work for insurance companies. According to the website salaries for medical and billing professionals depend on the employer and on their level of certification. Annual earnings for those employed full time range from approximately $16000 to $39000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $27500
High Salary: $39000
Low Salary: $16000
Tasks: Sorts medical billing paperwork.
Provides billing services to healthcare providers.
Enters medical billable information into a database.
Sends medical claims to insurance carriers.
Also Called: Insurance Coder
Insurance Biller
Medical Coder
Medical Biller
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