Medical Admissions Clerk

Medical admissions clerks are individuals that interview and obtain the necessary information from patients who are visiting outpatient clinics emergency rooms surgery centers addiction treatment centers or hospital and hospice facilities. They record the patient's exact name date of birth physician's name insurance information and sometimes the patient's religious preference.

This information will eventually become part of the patient's medical record which can be accessed by physicians and also used by the billing department. Formal educational requirements for medical admissions clerk jobs are a high school diploma. However the website says that because of the greater complexity of the information that must be recorded many employers favor applicants that have had some vocational training or have attended college.

The website says that most employers require newly-hired medical admissions clerks to successfully complete on-the-job-training which may be offered as a formal course but could involve spending time with an experienced worker.

Medical admissions clerks often need periodic training as new procedures are implemented.  If your are interested in a Medical Admissions Clerk career, you can also find a job in the Medical and Pharmacutical industry. Medical admissions clerks must have good computer and keyboard skills so that patient information can be entered quickly and accurately. In many locales preference is given to applicants that are fluent in more than one language.

In addition to familiarity with medical terminology and a keen eye for accuracy medical admissions clerks must have good interpersonal skills because they are usually the initial contact a patient has with the institution. According to salaries for medical admissions clerks range from approximately $22800 and $31700.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $27230.5
High Salary: $31674
Low Salary: $22787
Tasks: Obtains information from patients when they enter the hospital.
Records medical insurance documents.
Enters information into hospital computer systems.
Provides hospital policy information to patients.
Also Called: Hospital Admissions Clerk
Admitting Clerk
Admissions Staff
Admissions Personnel
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