Medical Administrator

Hospital administrators sometimes called “health care administrators” or “health care executives” are in charge of managing all aspects of a medical facility. They must have a firm grasp of how medicine is practiced but also a detailed understanding about the business of running a hospital. Hospital administrators have a wide range of responsibilities. They are liaisons among the governing boards medical staff and department heads. They work to ensure all hospital units work together smoothly. They recruit and hire doctors nurses interns and lower level administrators and they handle employee evaluations. Furthermore they are in charge of quality assurance and they spearhead public relations efforts to maintain the institution’s image. In addition they organize fund raising events they oversee the institution’s budget they understand how patients’ insurance benefits work and they make sure the hospital is in compliance with government regulations. According to the website hospital administrators need at least a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in a medical or hospital setting. They often start out as assistant hospital administrators before they are promoted to the level of hospital administrator. However many facilities hospital administrators to have a master’s degree in business health services administration health sciences or public services administration. According to the website the salaries hospital administrators earn depend on the size and budget of the medical facility as well as expectations about the specific duties to be performed. For work in small hospitals or clinics the average annual salary is approximately $73000. For work in larger hospitals or clinics the annual salary is approximately $133000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $102900
High Salary: $133000
Low Salary: $72800
Tasks: Oversees all hospital departments.
Follows and enforces hospital policies.
Helps recruit and hire doctors.
Participates in the hospital's public relations efforts.
Also Called: Hospital General Manager
Health Sciences Administrator
Business Administrator
Hospital Executive
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