Medicaid Eligibility Specialist

Medicaid eligibility specialists work for the federal government. They determine whether or not people who apply for Medicaid andor other governmental aid are in fact qualified to receive benefits from such aid programs. In order to qualify for Medicaid individuals must meet very specific requirements that have to be verified by Medicaid eligibility specialists. According to the website some of the specific duties of Medicaid eligibility specialists include reviewing applications ensuring that applications are filled out correctly and fully and contacting applicants andor others to verify the information supplied on applications. Medicaid applicants often need help in determining the specific governmental assistance programs for which they qualify and therefore they often rely on Medicaid eligibility specialists to give them advice and assistance. Medicaid eligibility specialists often play the role of counselor andor advocate to applicants as part of their routine job responsibilities. As part of their fact checking duties they must sometimes visit applicants’ homes the homes of applicants’ family member and the offices of doctors listed on applications in order to verify information. It is important that Medicaid eligibility specialists have excellent communication and interpersonal skills the ability to use various computer programs and the knowledge to enforce specific Medicaid eligibility requirements. Additionally they must be able to handle emotionally difficult situations because many Medicaid applicants live in very low income situations and many have medical conditions that prevent them from taking care of themselves. An associate’s degree is the recommended minimum education level for this profession and lists the average wage for Medicaid eligibility specialists between $15.00 and $18.33 per hour.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $34663
High Salary: $38126
Low Salary: $31200
Tasks: Determines if Medicaid applicants meet eligibility requirements.
Reviews Medicaid applications.
Verifies information supplied by Medicaid applicants.
Keeps accurate application records.
Also Called: Medicare Eligibility Specialist
Medicaid Counselor
Medicaid Advocate
Medicaid Application Specialist
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