Medicaid Billing Specialist

Medicaid billing specialists work for one of several different types of employers. They may work in a hospital setting at a doctor’s office or in the billing department at a medical clinic. Or they may be employed by the federal government where they help with disbursing Medicaid payments to hospitals doctor’s offices andor medical clinics after a Medicaid patient has been seen or has received medical treatment. All medical facilities and offices have general billing specialists who handle billing claims and coding. However Medicaid billing specialists are usually responsible for working specifically with Medicaid billing issues. According to the skills of Medicaid billing specialists are essential to the financial success of a medical office or facility. Medicaid billing forms must be completed and submitted correctly in order for payments to be received in a timely manner. Without the proper Medicaid billing knowledge it is common for payments to be delayed or denied until billing mistakes are fixed. In order to qualify as a Medicaid billing specialists a minimum of an associate’s degree in medical billing and coding is required. An associate’s degree in this field of study provides an educational background in medical terminology billing software programs and the basics of how to code for medical billing purposes. Most employers require that their Medicaid billing specialists have certification from one of the main professional associations for professional medical billing coders. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average income for a Medicaid billing specialist is between $30000 and $50000 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $50000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Submits claims to Medicaid.
Examines denials.
Maintains patient medical record confidentiality.
Assigns codes to medical services to be billed.
Also Called: Medical Biller
Medicaid Claims Specialist
Medicaid Coding Specialist
Medicaid Reimbursement Specialist
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