Hospital Admitting Clerk

One of the first employees that most incoming patients and visitors see upon entering a hospital is usually a hospital admitting clerk. Because they realize that most people who enter a hospital are doing so because they are personally sick or are visiting someone who is sick hospital admitting clerks typically understand the needs and concerns of those who they are helping with paperwork information and questions. A hospital admitting clerk has many job duties many of which are similar to those of a receptionist – only in a hospital setting. They are often responsible for answering phones they must deal with an abundance of paperwork and they perform a significant amount of computer data entry. Additionally they have a good deal of face-to-face contact with hospital patients and visitors and may be assigned the duty of escorting newly admitted patients to specific rooms or waiting areas. Hospital admitting clerks play an important role in the smooth operation of a medical facility. Because they are responsible for obtaining medical and health insurance information from in-coming patients a clerk who can perform these tasks quickly and with accuracy enables patients to begin receiving medical care as quickly as possible. According to hospital admitting clerks should enjoy working with people like working in a hospital setting and display a friendly attitude. states that the salary range for a hospital admitting clerk ranges from $15000 to $37000 per year. In a hospital setting there are usually plenty of career advancement opportunities if a hospital admitting clerk wants to eventually move into a higher-level position. The website states that one of the benefits of this profession is the ability to meet a lot of different people – which is a true benefit for someone who is a “people person.”

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $26000
High Salary: $37000
Low Salary: $15000
Tasks: Admits patients to the hospital.
Enters patient information into a computer system.
Validates health insurance information.
Meets and greets patients and visitors in a hospital.
Also Called: Hospital Registrar
Hospital Receptionist
Hospital Ward Clerk
Hospital Unit Clerk
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