Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators who are sometimes called "healthcare executives" are responsible for supervising managing and coordinating the delivery of health care services. Some oversee a facility or an entire system of facilities whereas others might be in charge of a specific department such as nursing surgery physical therapy or medical records.

They are expected to be familiar with the latest computer technology used for delivering health care efficiently and they must be well-versed in the regulatory environment applicable to their place of work. They are responsible for ensuring that all health information databases are up-to-date and that records are secure and available only to authorized staff members. They are often in charge of evaluating personnel and determining the budget and staffing needs of the institution for which they work.

Most health care administrators are employed by hospitals clinics and nursing homes but some work for large medical practices. Healthcare administrators work long hours and are usually on call to deal with any problems that arise in the operation of their facility or department.

The website says that healthcare administrators must have a bachelor's degree for entry-level positions in small facilities or in a physician's office. However larger institutions usually require healthcare administrators to have a master's degree in a field such as information technology accounting or healthcare administration. They should also have good business management skills. Those working in nursing care facilities must complete a state-approved training program and pass a licensing exam.

According to the website pay for healthcare administrators depends on their employer as well as their education and experience. Salaries range from approximately $39500 to $172500.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $106002.5
High Salary: $172492
Low Salary: $39513
Tasks: Supervises the delivery of healthcare.
Improves efficiency in health care facilities.
Handles the operations details of hospitals.
Maintains the security of patient health records.
Also Called: Health Services Manager
Hospital Administrator
Healthcare Executive
Clinical Administrator
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