Health Records Administrator

Health records specialists who are also called “medical records technicians” or “health information technicians” are responsible for organizing and keeping meticulous and detailed records on patients’ health information and updating their records each time they receive medical service. According to the website medical records include medical chart data all past health treatments inoculation records appointments payments and insurance records. Health records specialists must be detail-oriented because errors could have serious consequences with regard to the treatment that a physician prescribes for a patient. They must also have excellent computer skills because most of the work is done on computers or will be soon. According to the website health records specialists need to have at minimum an associate’s degree from a community college with courses in anatomy medical terminology data analysis and data base security. It is helpful as far as job opportunities if they pass an exam to become certified as health information technicians as well as take continuing education courses to maintain this certification. Health records specialists usually work 40 hours a week in hospitals doctors’ offices outpatient clinics and nursing homes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics health records specialists earn an average annual salary of approximately $31000. However those who work fulltime also receive health and other benefits. Job prospects for health records specialists are excellent. Also as medical records transition from paper and become increasingly digital the pay for health records specialists is expected to increase.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $31500
High Salary: $37000
Low Salary: $26000
Tasks: Organizes medical records.
Updates medical records on an as-needed basis.
Manages medical record retention.
Assists public health agencies with research studies.
Also Called: Medical Records Technician
Health Information Technician
Electronic Health Record Specialist
Medical Records Specialist
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