Health Physicist

A professional who understands the hazards or radiation as it relates to the environment and the health of humans is called a health physicist. According to the website health physicists have a goal of protecting workers and the public from harmful levels of radiation while at the same time allowing radiation to be used in controlled settings for the benefit of scientific research medical care or for the advancement of national defense. Health physicists can choose to work in one or more of many areas including researching teaching others about the risks and benefits of radiation working to protect the environment and focusing on radiation regulations. They are often hired to lead classes for employees who work directly with equipment that emits radiation so they are aware of the most important safety precautions and how to control their personal exposure as well as bystanders’ exposure to radiation. Governmental agencies often hire health physicists to provide advice and recommendations on how to properly and safely clean and remove hazardous materials from nuclear power plants that are no longer is use. Because of the need for a high level of scientific knowledge in this profession a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required. However many health physicists achieve a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in physics. says that the average salary for a health physicist is $156098 but varies slightly depending on the exact skills and the geographic location of the employment. Typical employers of health physicists according to include private firms hospitals schools laboratories and governmental regulation agencies.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $156098
High Salary: $166098
Low Salary: $146098
Tasks: Understands the hazards of radiation.
Monitors radiation control programs.
Educates professionals who work directly with equipment that emits radiation.
Provides advice on controlling radiation exposure.
Also Called: Health Physics Technician
Radiation Regulator
Industrial Hygienist
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