Survey Researcher

Survey researchers who are also commonly referred to as “market researchers” are responsible for finding out exactly what people and consumers like and dislike their opinions on various products and social issues and what they will buy for particular prices. In order to obtain this information they create distribute collect and analyze surveys. The surveys they design are created to capture the thoughts and opinions of people who are believed to be potential customers of particular products or services or potential voters for political candidates or issues. Survey researchers do not solely work for corporations and product manufacturers. They also conduct surveys for political candidates and various branches of the government in order to try and predict how individuals will vote in elections and also to get the public’s opinion on various political matters. According to the website survey researchers must have a bachelor’s degree to work in this profession but the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( says that individuals with a master’s degree or a PhD in a field related to marketing sociology economics statistics or social science have better chances of obtaining higher-level positions. Some of the typical job responsibilities of survey researchers include distributing surveys conducting face-to-face interviews overseeing focus groups and using statistical information to determine survey results. They also oversee others who are administering surveys and collecting data and they help to prepare guidelines that survey interviewers must use when gathering information from survey respondents. After the data from surveys are collected and when results are determined survey researchers compile the information into reports graphs and fact sheets that are presented to their employers andor clients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the salary range for survey researchers is between $17650 and $75940 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $46795
High Salary: $75940
Low Salary: $17650
Tasks: Designs surveys.
Collects data by interviewing or surveying people.
Analyzes data from surveys.
Prepares summaries of survey data.
Also Called: Market Researcher
Market Research Analyst
Survey Analyst
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