Sales Representative

The greatest and most useful products ever invented would never get sold without the help of determined knowledgeable and successful sales representatives. Sales representatives who are commonly referred to as “account representatives” “sales associates” and “account executives” are responsible for selling products ranging from apples to zippers. According to the website sales representatives play an important role in the success of the companies for which they work. Sales representatives are highly educated about the products they sell and are trained to present products and services to potential buyers in a manner that sparks an interest and creates a “need” to purchase. They often travel great distances to visit one-on-one with current and potential customers but depending on their employer they are often limited to a particular geographical territory. A positive and out-going demeanor and personality are essential for success in this profession. Additionally a true and genuine interest and belief in the necessity of the product being sold is essential for closing more sales deals. The website states that sales representatives are responsible for demonstrating products making a sales pitch answering questions and drumming up new business. Once a product has been sold to a customer a sales representative is then responsible for maintaining a business relationship with the customer and ensuring that the customer is happy with their purchase. While many employers prefer to hire individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree most agree that an ability to sell is more important than a formal education. Therefore the minimum educational requirement for a position as a sales representative is a high school diploma. The expected yearly salary for a sales representative varies greatly depending on the industry and many sales representative positions are commission-based. According to the average yearly salary is $71000 but can actually be much higher or lower depending on the specific industry and the sales skills of the representative.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $71000
High Salary: $91000
Low Salary: $51000
Tasks: Demonstrates how to use products.
Generates an interest to buy items being sold.
Answers questions about products.
Travels to and visits with buyers.
Also Called: Account Representative
Account Executive
Sales Associate
Sales Manager
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