Market Researcher

Market researchers sometimes called “market research analysts” work for or are hired by businesses governments or charities that need certain types of information in order to make strategic economic political or social decisions. Market researchers first make sure they understand the employer’s objectives. Then they gather and analyze relevant information using techniques such as questionnaires focus groups or in-depth interviews. Once they both analyze and interpret the data they have collected they provide reports of their findings to the organization. Market researchers often specialize in gathering certain types of information such consumer needs and preferences regarding certain products or in some cases how people’s political attitudes may affect their behavior. Some market researchers are in-house employees of a specific organization but others have contracts with various organizations to design surveys and then analyze the answers people give often using statistical software. They usually produce a written report of their findings but they often attend meetings where they explain the meaning and implications of the information they have gathered. Market researchers may work with marketing advertising and business development professionals when they design their surveys. Marketing researchers usually have college degrees. They must be able to design instruments that will meet the employer’s objectives. Also they must have the quantitative and qualitative research skills that are necessary to analyze and interpret their findings. In addition they must have excellent oral and written communication skills so that their research can be understood as well as applied by those who have requested it. According to the website market researchers earn an average annual salary of approximately $61000. However highly qualified market researchers with experience can make over $100000 a year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $80500
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $61000
Tasks: Gathers and analyzes market research.
Designs market research questionnaires.
Makes recommendations based on research.
Presents research findings to clients.
Also Called: Research Executive
Marketing Expert
Market Analyst
Market Surveyor
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