Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents who are sometimes called “producers” are the intermediaries between people who need to purchase insurance and companies that sell insurance policies. Insurance sales agents deal with many different types of policies including life property health and automobile. In addition some also do financial planning and sell products such as insurance annuities. To be successful insurance sales agents must provide impeccable customer service give timely and appropriate advice obtain various quotes on insurance premiums and answer clients’ questions on coverage and billing. According to the website college is not a formal requirement but most insurance agencies prefer agents with a bachelor’s degree in economics finance or accounting. However sales experience is also important. Insurance sales agents must be adept at using the internet and computer databases to obtain the most updated information on various types of policies. Insurance sales agents must have one or more licenses in their home state. There are separate licenses for property and casualty insurance and life and health insurance. If insurance sales agents offer a service such as financial planning they must have a securities license. For each license they must take a preparation course that varies in length depending on the type of license. Even after they are licensed however they must complete a certain number of continuing education credits within a specific period of time. Insurance sales agents can work for one insurance company selling only its products. However many work as independent agents representing numerous insurance companies. Some insurance sales agents get small salaries combined with bonuses andor commissions while others work solely on a commission basis. According to the website the median pay for insurance sales agents is approximately $45500. However the most successful agents can earn more than $114000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $79680
High Salary: $113930
Low Salary: $45430
Tasks: Sells various types of insurance.
Learns about new products and services.
Assists clients when claims must be filed.
Seeks new clients.
Also Called: Life Insurance Agent
Insurance Sales Associate
Car Insurance Agent
Health Insurance Agent
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