Gaming Supervisor

Casinos see large amounts of money – much of which is cash – flow into and out of their establishments on a daily basis. Additionally many people quickly pass in and out of casinos. A gaming supervisor is in charge of managing a casino watching over gaming tables and ensuring that the monetary transactions that take place within their casino are completed correctly and honestly. Besides the supervising the operations of their casino gaming supervisors are also responsible for talking to unhappy customers handling complaints and making sure the casino is running as smoothly as possible. The website says that gaming supervisors are usually assigned to one general area in a casino where they circulate around and spend time observing all of the tables and games. When they see that tables are too crowded they make sure that other tables are opened to accommodate the crowd and when they become suspicious that casino rules are not being followed or that patrons are attempting to cheat they immediately alert the casino’s security department. Because casinos are aware that they would not be in business if it were not for their patrons gaming supervisors are also responsible for keeping the casino looking good functioning smoothly and remaining friendly. In order to become a gaming supervisor according to it is necessary to have several years of experience working in a casino and also have a minimum of an associate’s degree in a field related to hotel management. Additionally gaming supervisors must possess a certificate in gaming. The website reports that the median salary for gaming supervisors ranges from $35294 to $40874 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $38084
High Salary: $40874
Low Salary: $35294
Tasks: Observes gaming tables.
Supervises casino employees.
Watches gamblers for signs of cheating.
Completes paperwork for monetary transactions.
Also Called: Casino Supervisor
Gaming Manager
Casino Manager
Casino Administrator
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