Regulatory Affairs Specialist

A regulatory affairs specialist who is commonly referred to as a “compliance specialist” is tasked with guaranteeing that an organization’s operations are adhering to mandated rules policies and regulations. Such rules policies and regulations may be directed by a local state or federal governmental agency or they may be enforced by the industry or the organization itself. A regulatory affairs specialist completes their job by conducting internal audits and inspections. Afterwards they compile information prepare reports and submit documents to the appropriate regulatory agency. According to the website it is the job of a regulatory affairs specialist to meet with leaders of companies and guide them on how operations should be handled in accordance with the rules. They may also work with governmental regulators if any problems are discovered in order to fix the issues so that they can return to a compliant status. It is essential that a regulatory affairs specialist be an excellent communicator and an authoritative figure when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations. In addition to communicating verbally on issues related to compliance they must also be able to present their observations via written reports. Some in this profession have bachelor’s degrees in a subject area related to business management but many in the higher levels of the regulatory field have master’s degrees or even law degrees. The website says that the average yearly salary for a regulatory affairs specialist is $75000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $75000
High Salary: $95000
Low Salary: $55000
Tasks: Ensures that companies are operating in compliance with regulations.
Conducts internal audits.
Prepares materials to be submitted to regulatory agencies.
Stays up-to-date on rules and regulations that change frequently.
Also Called: Compliance Specialist
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Policy Specialist
Compliance Manager
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