Logistics Management Specialist

When a company imports goods that are delivered via ship or truck someone must provide instructions and guidance on how the items will be transported from their initial import location to warehouses stores or destinations scattered around the country. Similarly large organizations such as the United States military need professionals who are responsible for the shipment of food vehicles and weapons to those on active duty. The job of a logistics management specialist according to the website occupations.careers.org is to oversee the acquisition distribution internal allocation delivery and final dispersal of goods and resources. Logistics management specialists coordinate the transportation of items or services which typically includes determining how items will be shipped or trucked and which routs the transportation vehicles will take. Logistics management specialists are often called “logisticians” and they must be extremely detail oriented be able to quickly change complicated plans when uncontrollable issues arise and be able to handle complicated situations with confidence. In order to become a logistics management specialist it is important to first obtain a bachelor’s degree with a business or logistics major. Some individuals choose to further their education by earning a master’s degree which usually helps them to advance into higher level jobs. While not always required some employers prefer their employees to obtain a certificate in Transportation and Logistics from the American Society of Transportation and Logistics. According to www.payscale.com logistics management specialists earn between $41973 and $97819 per year with higher salaries going to those with more years of experience.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $69896
High Salary: $97819
Low Salary: $41973
Tasks: Coordinates the movement of materials for a company.
Oversees the transportation of goods or services.
Makes changes to transportation logistics on an as-needed basis.
Maintains transportation schedules.
Also Called: Logistician
Supply Chain Manager
Transportation Logistician
Logistics Professional
Additional Resources: http://education-portal.com/articles/How_to_Become_a_Logistics_Management_Specialist.html