Compliance Analyst

There are federal state and local rules and regulations that govern the way organizations and corporations can operate. The job of a compliance analyst is to ensure that their employer is in compliance with mandated policies and procedures.

Compliance analysts who are commonly referred to as "compliance officers" oversee safety programs monitor the exportation and importation of goods into and out of the county and ensure that financial transactions are completed according to regulations. They work in almost every industry and they are experts at knowing what their employer must do to stay within the parameters of compliance when it comes to regulatory requirements.

Because regulations change frequently in either minor or major ways compliance analysts must constantly conduct compliance-related research and also review current laws to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed. Compliance analysts often have their own department within large organizations but the work closely with the operations department the legal department and the salesmarketing department.

While almost all industries employ compliance analysts it is expected that the healthcare and finance industries will provide the largest employment opportunities in the future.

The website lists the median annual salary for compliance analysts at $56621. However exact salaries depend heavily on experience level and specific employer.

According to the minimum educational requirement for compliance analysts is a bachelor's degree but some employers require even higher degrees certifications and extensive experience in the field. Skills that compliance analysts must possess include the ability to use various computer programs strong problem solving skills and a firm sense of ethics.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $56621
High Salary: $62621
Low Salary: $50621
Tasks: Ensures that organizations follow legal regulations.
Reviews and researches laws and procedures.
Documents procedures associated with compliance.
Verifies accurate and compliant record keeping.
Also Called: Compliance Officer
Procedures Analyst
Policies Analyst
Regulations Analyst
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