Truancy Officer

According to the law of most states in the United States children must attend school until they reach a designated age. If children miss an excessive number of school days and do not have an excuse for their absences it is the job of truancy officers to get in touch with the student and their parents or guardian to determine why absences have occurred. Unless there is a credible reason truancy officers issue warnings that notify students and parentsguardians that they must be in compliance with the law. In some instances truancy officers may be required to appear in court regarding truancy cases that they have not been able to resolve. However their job in a broader sense is to work with teachers and school administrators in order to educate parents in the community on the importance of children attending school. According to the website the only formal educational requirement for becoming a truancy officer is a high school diploma. However completing some college courses in education psychology and sociology will make applicants more marketable. It is also helpful if applicants for truancy officer jobs have had experience working with children and teenagers and have demonstrated skills in communicating with them. In addition fluency in more than once language is a plus in school districts that have diversity in the student population. School districts often employ truancy officers part-time although they may qualify for benefits such as health insurance. According to the web site truancy officers earn annual salaries ranging from approximately $12800 and $49500.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $31150
High Salary: $49500
Low Salary: $12800
Tasks: Enforces state school attendance laws.
Issues warnings to violators.
Files formal complaints.
Attends court hearings.
Also Called: Truant Officer
School Attendance Officer
School District Officer
School Administrative Officer
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