In the United States a solicitor would be called a “lawyer” or an “attorney.” Solicitors are legal professionals who work in the United Kingdom Ireland Scotland and Australia. Solicitors provide legal advice and legal help to businesses and individuals. Solicitors often specialize in one particular area of law such as property wills and estates divorce family law or employment. They provide help with drafting contracts and legal documents. Most of the work they complete is either research-related or transactional. Solicitors often work with barristers or advocates which are the titles of other types of legal professionals in the United Kingdom Ireland Scotland and Australia. According to some of the typical job responsibilities of a solicitor include drafting legal documents for clients specific to their particular needs conducing legal research related to case law assisting clients with the sale and purchase of property or businesses and attending continuing education classes in order to stay educated on changes in laws. Solicitors often help barristers andor advocates prepare for a trial by conducting legal research compiling documents to be used in a trial and working directly with clients to prepare them for court proceedings. The website states that in order to become a solicitor a law degree must be earned. After law school a “Legal Practice Course” must be passed and then a training session at a law firm must be completed. The website lists the average yearly salary for a solicitor to be the equivalent of $73219 in American dollars.

Education Required: Doctoral Degree
Avg Salary: $73219
High Salary: $83219
Low Salary: $63219
Tasks: Gives legal advice.
Represents business clients.
Helps establish new business enterprises.
Drafts documents and contracts for clients.
Also Called: Barrister
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